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Terms & Conditions - Jacamar

The Client : The company, organisation or individual commissioning the services of Jacamar.

Jacamar: Jacamar (UK) Limited including any employee or designated representative.

Estimates: All estimates are based on the currently known details of the work involved and may exclude scanning of images or supply of library images. Should the specifications change at a later date, costings given are liable to go up or down accordingly.

Acceptance of projects: Projects will only be accepted along with either a signed purchase order, or signed ‘Confirmation of order’ (supplied by Jacamar). Verbal ‘go-ahead’s are not sufficient.

For print-based projects, full payment is required after approval of print-ready files and before printing proceeds.

Imagery: Sourcing and supply of new imagery from photographic libraries from £45 each unless specified otherwise within the project quotation. Note: Jacamar are not licensed to supply such royalty-free imagery onto the client for their own use. New photography, new diagrams and/or illustration work quoted upon brief.

Management of changes: 2 sets of minor client changes are usually allowed for within an estimate. Each ‘set of minor changes’ must be submitted to Jacamar as a ‘single set’. All further requested changes will be itemised and charged at our studio rate. If quotes are required, the request must be made before the additional work is started.In the case of concept and design work, which inherently involves subjective opinion, the prices quoted for this part of a project remain chargable regardless of the client’s view upon the work involved. However, in practice it is extremely rare that we fail to please with our work, and should differences of opinion occur, we are quite flexible in working towards a mutually agreeable solution.

Proof acceptance: Digital, print-ready artwork proofs should be considered the final check for accuracy and quality control. No responsibility can be accepted for artwork errors after proof acceptance.

Rejection fees: Should a project be cancelled or postponed by the client part-way through, Jacamar reserve the right to charge for all hours (at our standard rates) and expenses incurred to-date.

Payment: Invoice payments are due strictly 30 days from invoice date unless stated otherwise. Delayed payment of outstanding invoices may result in current projects being put on hold. Any project lasting for more than one calendar month may be stage invoiced monthly.

Copyright: After full payment for the commissioned work, the output (printed product or supplied digital material) becomes the property of the client organisation. However, Jacamar (and it's suppliers as appropriate) retain copyright. Copyright may be purchased by the client at the time of commission or negotiated separately. In regard to logo design, Jacamar automatically passes copyright ownership to the client upon completion of payment.

Jacamar reserves the right to display any examples of their work within their own printed and digital marketing & advertising materials.

All preparatory materials (sketches, imagery, digital files, films, plates, etc.) remain the property of Jacamar (UK) Ltd, and will not be supplied to the client unless negotiated separately.

Storage: Jacamar will undertake to store all non-supplied project-related materials for a minimum period of 13 months from project end. Jacamar may dispose of all and any goods after this period without notice.