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Over 10 years experience
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Jacamar provide:

Marketing materials:
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Book design and production
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From concepts, through copywriting, imagery, artwork and print production, we provide the extent of service you require.

With our wide range and depth of experience in providing graphic design to the Maritime industry, Jacamar will ensure your printed and digital material clearly communicates the key messages needed to effectively portray your services/products.

Accuracy, reliabilty and consistency are qualities we ensure from start to finish, whether an urgent advert or a month's long project.

First impressions count - Jacamar makes certain it's right first time, working towards to the ultimate goal - to obtain best possible responses, and thus maximise return on investment.

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We are always happy to talk - without pressure or commitment.

Whether you'd like to discuss a project, request a quote or make an order, we'd be pleased to hear from you.

Try us out, and you‘ll also find that we provide a level of service that’s as friendly as it is speedy & reliable.

To find out more, contact us now on:
023 9241 0108

or email info@jacamar.co.uk

Examples from our Portfolio

The Nautical Institute
Alert! Bulletin:
A double award-winning regular maritime publication - design & artwork by Jacamar. Also complemented by a dedicated archive website.
Due to the bulletin's success and recognition within the shipping industry, two compilations have been made into hardback books.
Book Design & Production:
The Nautical Institute's production of books for maritime professionals had expanded over time and was in need of a review, to bring
consistency of styling and layout across the range.
Jacamar were therefore commissioned to design and produce a set of master artwork guides, to upgrade and standardise this key part of production.
Jacamar provide a range of print adverts to The Nautical Institute, for use in the shipping industry press, to promote a variety of their publications and services.
Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
Annual Report:
This yearly publication's priority for the ICS is clarity of information - quickly and easily decipherable facts, and the design of the page layouts is designed to achieve this. The covers follow a theme of major London-based events for each particular year.
Book Catalogue:
Promoting the Institute's range of course books and their newly re-designed across-the-board branding, this A5 catalogue was both printed/distributed and emailed out as a PDF.
Book Design & Production:
With the decision taken to manage book production in-house, the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers asked Jacamar to design and produce a new layout for their extensive range of course books, with ongoing production of further titles & revisions. These course books help to train students as shipbrokers, ship managers and agents.
Award Certificates & Invitations:
The awarding of student's achievements at the once-a-year ceremony is an important event for ICS, as these students go on to become highly qualified professionals within the shipping industry. Jacamar designed and produced the course certificates and event invites to present a unified style.
HTML Newsletters:
Devised as part of a promotional campaign for the WMTC event on Maritime Innovation, these email newsletters for the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology gave regular updates on speakers, exhibition options and booking details, guiding the reader to a dedicated website
Marine Trader Media
With MTM acquired by the AutoTrader Group, Jacamar redesigned their corportate identity to reflect and complement the Group's branding.
The product branding and packaging for Marine Trader Media was designed to aid the launch of a new service, and included a multiple foldout mailer.
Bruntons Propellers
Bruntons is a long-established Propeller manufacturer. Jacamar were commissioned to design a new logo for the business and a sub-set of product logos that could be applied to each of the four key propeller types produced, thus producing the basis for a consistent branding across the range.
Specialist publications play an important role in the advertising strategy, and each advert's content is customised to best suit the particular reader profile.
With a key range of 4 propeller types to promote, Jacamar designed a set of brochures to promote the individual qualities of each one, whilst maintaining a consistent and attractive layout.
Timed to coincide with the London Boat Show as a handout, this newsletter also serves as general marketing literature throughout the year.
Dixon Yacht Design
News brochures:
A highly successful regular production, profiling the latest developments of luxury yachts from the Dixon Studio.
Design Unlimited
Produced as a 12-monthly showcase of current work, these brochures serve to illustrate the quality and broad range of interior design for yacht manufacturers provided by the company.
Johnson Yachts
Johnson Yachts build motor yachts for the very top end of the luxury Marine market. These brochures designed by Jacamar are produced in a large format with beautiful photography and utterly convincing 3-D renderings, to help portray the high level of design, workmanship and no-expense-spared fittings that goes into these impressive yachts.

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