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Logo design
& Corporate Branding

Whether it's a new business
or one in need of re-branding,
Jacamar can create the right identity

Our Services

Our approach to logo design and the wider branding requirements is to create a look that the target audience identifies with as being not only appropriate for the service or product, but has a clear, attractive character that distinquishes the business from it's competition.

For a hassle-free service, we can provide you with a clear and straight-forward form to fill in, that will provide us with all the key criteria to start your project.

We will equally discuss matters over the phone (or in person if local) in as much detail as needed, to ensure we are entirely clear on all your particular requirements.

When we have created the initial designs, these are sent to you as PDFs for your selection. The chosen design can be then tweaked and altered as necessary, until you are fully satisfied with the finished design.

Final master artwork is then created, with up to two variants included in the price.

At each stage of the project, we keep you informed of progress, and you are free to call or email at any time to ask questions.

We guarantee our work

With over 20 years graphic design industry experience behind us, we are confident in our consistently high quality design work (References available upon request).

Should you have any reasonable cause be unsatisfied with the submission of our logo designs, we will endeavour to work with you to alter and correct as necessary until you are fully satisfied.

Terms and conditions

Levels of complexity and pricing:

Our prices are based upon the number of design options required and the degree of complexity within the design itself. Clearly, some logo design work is much more labour intensive than others.

To ascertain the costs involved, please do email or call us with your requirements (or ask for a copy of our 'Logo Brief form'), and we can then provide you with a definitive costing.

Examples of basic level logo designs
Examples of illustrative or complex logo designs